Tesla Pickup Truck Concept

If you’ve heard of the Tesla and the upcoming Ford Motors venture, then you’ve probably also heard about the Teslasphere Model X concept. The concept is a full size car that looks like it would fit right in with the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies. However, the Teslasphere is not just some crazy movie concept, this is actually a full-size concept.


And for sure, this Teslasphere vehicle is what would eventually become the actual production version of the Model X. So when Tesla Motors Inc released the Teslasphere video, there was speculation about what the actual model would look like. But the internet is not all doom and gloom, some people were kind enough to share some of their thoughts about the Teslasphere concept.


A lot of people were skeptical about the Teslasphere being real, but it turned out to be very real. It has already been tested and it has been featured in an official Tesla Motors Inc website. It can be quite impressive, which makes you think that it will look like the YouTube videos. But for sure, you should be able to see the appearance of the Teslasphere if you go inside the factory where the Teslasphere video was filmed.

Some people were quite happy about the appearance of the Teslasphere, though others said it still isn’t good enough because it doesn’t have wheels and no seats. The vehicle’s undercarriage is mostly a metal skeleton, which might make for a bit of a problem for the driver. However, it looks like it will still be a blast to drive, and I’m sure the more experienced drivers will get the hang of it pretty quickly.


After the Teslasphere came out on the internet, a lot of people thought it was already too late for them. It is only a concept and they can’t make the vehicle, therefore they will have to settle for other things. That being said, I’m not against the concept being made and the model eventually released. There are certain things that a company should not have control over, which is why this particular Tesla vehicle is just a concept.

There are a lot of ways to showcase a concept, and the Teslasphere is one of those models. However, there are so many people who share the same view of the Teslasphere as I do. When they see the actual model, they will definitely be impressed by its style and uniqueness. They will tell everyone about it, so it will get its chance at the live market.


In my opinion, the Teslasphere has what it takes to become a real product. It has a very good design, although the body of the Teslasphere is almost entirely metal, which could pose some problems later on. But this doesn’t really matter, because the design is pretty impressive anyway.

Personally, I’m just happy to see the Model X being designed, as this means that we will soon have a pickup truck that looks like the one we see in the movies. I think it will be a great thing, and I can see it becoming a household name in a short period of time.

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